Primex Farms, LLC.

Committed to the highest standards in flavor, food safety and quality.

Our state-of-the-art Pistachio processing facility, Primex Farms, LLC. covers 80 acres in Kern County and processes millions of pounds of nuts each year. Overseen by our experienced management team, our plant meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency. It was built with the newest modular and stream lined concepts in plant design, allowing ample room for expansion.  It started operations at 15 million pounds in 2002 and has expanded currently to process up to maximum of 60 million pounds. We were the first in the industry to incorporate an environmentally "green" concept of recycling solid and waste water, making it efficient, clean and environmentally friendly. In 2010, Primex Farms became the first pistachio processor to go Solar, generating 1.7 Megawatt annually covering 65% of our needs. In 2014, Primex Farms has implemented a new ERP inventory system. We have established an onsite HACCP program certification, attained USDA accreditation for Aflatoxin Analysis in Pistachios and Almonds and ISO 17025 alongside other quality control programs. We have an onsite independent laboratory providing service to other tree nut processing plants. In 2015, we were awarded with the 2014-2015 Pinnacle Club Plant of the Year by DFA of California, recognizing our commitment to food safety and overall excellence.


Manny Guerrero

Plant Manager

Bob Engleman

Grower Relations Represantative

Kiki Sandrini

Grower Relations Represantative